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January 26, 2005 // 2:25 a.m.
Class day

I haven't used a clothes dryer in a year and a half. This is kind of fun! Easier than shaking everything out and putting it on lines, though I suppose I would line or rack dry if I were actually paying for utilities or laundromat or what have you.

I had my 4:15-10:15 class session today. It wasn't that bad, but in the future I'm going to need a more substantial dinner than yogurt and fruit to make it through. I managed to catch the very edge of a non-passworded wireless net connection. I think it was coming from a nearby house or apartment, or maybe even one of the academic departments upstairs. Since the library connection is closed to Macs, ya know.

What's interesting was that while I could get the connection in the classroom, it faded out as I went down the hall, and stopped quite literally at the door to the student lounge. Odd. I may not bring my computer in the future if I have to sit in the hall to be online.

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